Life through Instagram #4

1. Homemade cranberry & banana granola bars for snack time at Uni!  2. Hot cinnamon doughnuts with strawberries & chocolate dipping sauce at Bills.  3. A hot chocolate for me and a latte for Jon at the Small Batch Coffee Co. - beautiful (wish I could do that!)  4. Allie in Brighton Coffee Co. with a chickpea salad and a savoury pancake (mozzarella, tomato and parma ham - seriously delicious!)  5-8. Halloween night out!  9. My first go at the skeleton makeup; bigger photograph below.  10. Date night alone in bed with 50p tortillas, 30p hummous and of course Keith Lemmon.  11. Having a play with makeup - grey smokey eye with ombré brows and lips.  12. Mum & Dad taunting me on holiday in Venice whilst I froze in my silly student house doing work - weep :(  13. A misty sunset from my bedroom window.   14. The girls and I before a night out.  15. Radical dragon's blood moisturiser - smells SERIOUSLY incredible (review to come..)  16. Mum had collected all my new magazines together ready for my return home :)

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