Hands or Brushes?

Recently I've been much more inclined to use my hands to apply my foundation rather than brushes. This raised the little thought in my head: "Which is actually better?" The answer? I've not entirely decided..

Due to taking a more relaxed approach to my makeup (mostly out of laziness) I have been massaging my lighter bases into my skin, finding it gives a really natural finish. I think the warmth of my hands really helps to work the product into my skin. Whilst this doesn't give such a flawless effect as brushes can give, I occasionally prefer the effect using my hands gives. I also think that (as a stingy student) I waste far less product by using my hands and I know they are always clean.

However, there are still some occasions where brushes are necessary... For example, Laura Mercier's silk creme foundation is a firm favourite, it is incredibly pigmented and gives such a beautiful, flawless finish. In order to achieve the most perfect outcome possible, I always use my Real Techniques buffing brush to buff the product into my skin. This tends to require a bit of precision and attention to certain areas, so I feel hands can be a bit clumsy. For lighter foundations, like Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation or tinted moisturisers, I use my stippling brush which gives a really natural finish but I would say is on par with using my hands, it just depends on my mood. My Bobbi Brown foundation brush is my most neglected brush as I find these kinds of brushes can leave my base looking a little 'painted on' although it is incredibly soft and ideal size for getting into all the little areas that need extra attention and my hands may skim over.

Overall I'd say for lazy days or days when I fancy going a little more natural, using my hands is #1 choice but for nights out or days when I wear a fuller face of makeup, I'm after a more flawless finish which is when the buffing brush steps up and works wonders.

*photos used above are my own

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