Life through Instagram #5

Having taken a short break (entire month) from blogging to make way for mountains of revision, I thought I’d start my re-emergence with an Instagram post to make note of some of the highlights the very end of 2012 brought me, alongside a few from the start of 2013. Resolutions have been made (some going better than others) and I’m feeling pretty confident that 2013 is going to be a great year.

 1. My darling friend Lucy had a little spring chicken. Hugo Daniel Glaysher is a beautiful little boy & this is my first cuddle.  2. Mummy & tot.  3. A return to Portsmouth, this photo perhaps a little bit of an illusion of it's beauty but hey, we'll take it.   4. Stalking WAH! nails instagram I got serious green eyed monster over this gorgeous design.  4. Sarah Chapman's Overnight Exfoliating Booster - disappointed that my mum never gets good use out of it, I took matters into my own hands.  5. Pre-Christmas roast.  3. Homemade lemon shortbread cookies.  4. Girls night out with the favourite ones.  5. Kisses with Crin.  6. Lucy & I.  7. Hill Farm Apply & Elderflower juice... Organic heaven.  8. Smoked salmon and cream bagel - just because student life was a foggy memory.  9. My sister's 22nd birthday!  10. The Garage Lounge - Cheese and Ham Eggy Bread Sandwich.  11. A fresh set of festive acrylics!  12. Lucy & Ani on our last night out in Brighton before Christmas.
1. The Boy & I at our staff Christmas party.   2. Our 1 year anniversary celebrated with prosecco and steak.  3. A fake and phoney Beyonce follows me on Twitter - minor heart attack ensues, followed by sheer disappointment.  4. A New Years Day walk along Southsea seafront.  5. New Years Eve with Spence & Georgie.    6. An attempt at WAH beauty...   7. Cousin & onesie time. Christmas Day.  8. Some christmas presents - very spoilt!   9. Sab on Christmas day.  10. Sab & I - Christmas Day.   11. Me taking a snooze with the cat Christmas morning!    12. Chosen makeup for Christmas.   13. Watching Love Actually Christmas morning whilst waiting for the family to stir.  14. Stockings!   15. A new watch strap - present to myself.   16. A depressing load of revision and glorious mug of lemon and hot water to get me through.

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