Tom Ford's Brow Sculptor

It is now apparent that my blog has become a place to house my everlasting search for the perfect eyebrow tamer. It has been quite the battle and some healthy but fierce competition has made the selection process tiresome but worth it. The desired candidate? A multi-functional tool capable of taming, preening, filling and most importantly, being compact and fuss-free. 

Cue reigning champion: Tom Ford's Brow Sculptor. The retractable chisel-like tip is waxy and flat, offering a sharper edge for precision and a flat, wider edge for light shading. I like to use the sharper tip to mimic the sparse hairs at the start of my brow. This gives a boost of definition without creating any harsh lines or block of solid colour. I find that being light handed and using lots of tiny strokes in the direction of the hair growth gives this definition whilst maintaining a natural look. The colour distribution of this product is spot on; I often find it necessary to step back and take a look from a distance as it can be easy to get carried away, thinking it is making little effect at all. I think that is the beauty of this product, the colour is so soft and subtle but extremely effective. I have the shade Taupe which is a light brown with almost grey undertones. This may sound bizarre to some, but as I stressed  and explained in my previous eyebrow post here, it is so important to choose a shade lighter than your hair colour. Once I have finished I go in with the tip flat on it's side and shade lightly any areas looking particularly sparse. 

Mr. Ford is meticulous about well groomed and well defined brows which perfectly explains why he has designed this product in such a compact and multi-functional way. The spoolie brush at the opposite end of the sculptor allows me to brush through my brows before I begin, ensuring I have a neat and clear cut shape to start with. Following application of the waxy formula, I run the spoolie brush through my brows to evenly distribute the product and brush them upwards with the aim of making them look as natural as possible. Unscrewing the spoolie brush reveals a hidden sharpener ensuring your brows never suffer at the expense of a blunt nib.
Despite only launching his first skincare and beauty collection in 2011, Tom has blown many brands out of the water with his sumptuous, quality products, all oozing the sensual and luxurious nature of the brand as a whole. I've fallen in love with the collection and was lucky enough to have been gifted this item and another by my Godfather. It's becoming apparent to me that Tom Ford ain't just for Christmas, comrades - it's set to be a life long investment (read: addiction).

Have you used any Tom Ford products? If so, what are your thoughts?

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  1. This sounds amazing-- I can totally relate to the endless search for the perfect brow product. Great review!

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