Oh so, handsome?

If asked their number one desert island make up saviour, I'd put good money on guessing that a handful of ladies would reach, with much conviction, for their mascara. The product that grants us that wide-eyed, bushy tailed appearance and wispy, flirtatious lashes is a make up bag essential for many of us - life without it seems a tired-looking, weary life indeed.

Mascara has always seemed an staple, without which a look would be incomplete, right? Wrong, according to Sportmax and Rochas (to name a few) for New York Fashion Week. The 'no makeup makeup' look is securing itself as one of the trends to watch, cementing itself in A/W'13 collections across the fashion capitals.

The trend that has stuck with me and injected a refreshing take on beauty is the lack of mascara and drama surrounding the eyes appearing in such looks. These looks steer clear of perfect and pretty, instead it is epitomised by a 'handsome', often androgynous, quality. We see an occasional offering of a raw and slightly masculine look or conversely a delicately subtle and soft beauty. Such looks bereft of defined and voluminous lashes are so intriguing to me; the idea that without mascara many women today feel naked and robbed of their femininity has entirely met it's match. The focus is shifted from eyes (renowned to be the window's of one's soul) to other features. By softening the eyes and allowing them to take a backseat in way of luminous skin, flushed cheeks, full lips or perfect, full brows, eyes gain a new, mysterious and secretive nature.

The makeup at Rochas for NYFW complimented the collection perfectly: uncomplicated, effortless but kept strong and epitomising a woman with a purpose. Like the clothes, the makeup had an air of practicality, as if very little time had been spent preening, and 'pretty' in the girlish sense was not on the cards. This look typified the aforementioned 'handsome' beauty. Brushed up brows and subtle contouring were the focal point whilst little emphasis was placed around the eyes; simply a warm, peachy, 'nearly nude' shadow washed across the lid and along the bottom lash line.

Charlotte Tilbury's work for Sportmax further exemplified this handsome beauty I seem to have sold my soul to. Emphasising the lips and skin, Tilbury created a natural shadow around the eyes to give definition but avoid drawing the main focus.

Softness and subtle beauty is a trend I predict to be stead fast. What attracted me to this look in particular was that it veers away from pretty and feminine, rather it still epitomises the 'less is more' essence, but at a totally different end of the spectrum. Androgyny and handsome beauty, I approve.
Amorous, girlish lashes replaced by subtle shadows, paving way for a softness and mysterious new take on accentuating what'cha got.

Who'd have thought? Mascara is set to be so totally last year. So this spring be set to embrace your peepers in all their natural glory.

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