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Drop the powder, ladies. Velvety, powdered-to-perfection skin? It's time to take a backseat. In it's place? Dewy and glowing skin; the type that looks nourished, well kept and cues stares of indisputable envy towards those who have mastered the art. 

Spread across London Fashion Week from one designer to the next, we saw looks epitomising the 'less is more', clean cut and fresh visage that had me at hello. Such a look, to me, resonates Bobbi Brown's brand ethos, tugging at my heart strings when transported back to my days flicking through 'Teenage Beauty' at the age of 14. More to the point, nothing spells 'spring' louder than a youthful glow and low maintenance look. 

Sculpting taking the form of light manipulation - playing up the cheek bones and high points of the face, rather than accentuating hollow areas by creating predominant shadows and ignoring the urge to powder, allowing luminosity to peep through. A good base, definitely not going easy on the moisturiser and spending time working product into the skin, is key to achieving a radiant complexion. 

With glowing skin being the focal point of this S/S'13 look, well groomed but played down brows and a hint of rosey hue on the lips are the complimentary factors tying the look together. 

Nourished and natural. All that's needed now is for the spring sun to peek through and do the look some justice.  

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