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I write this on the pretty wobbly fence of potential hypocrisy. Brows: it’s blindly obvious that they have taken the beauty world and all those consumed by it, by storm. As much as I’d like to say the inspiration is of time’s past, circa Liz Taylor and Audrey Hepburn days, I am almost certain that most of the brow phenomenon has come from the likes of TOWIE and Desperate Scousewives bursting onto our screens (both of which are my guilty pleasure – awkward.)
Eyebrows can be the most defining feature on our face. If shaped, filled in and preened with tender loving care, our brows can be entirely responsible for the architecture of our face.  Framing the face is their job, they give light to the rest of our features, setting them up to be noticed. However, over plucked and a heavy hand with a dark pencil, we’ve all been there. So how exactly can we get it right? Here’s my take..

When it comes to tools, the right ones will keep you on track for many years to come. Whilst I’d love to indulge in waxing or threading I am yet to put my money where my mouth is – the reason? I’m too scared to let anyone go threading or rippin’ crazy on my brows. The fear is predominantly brought on by the fact I don’t wish to enter the salon bushy browed, if a tad disheveled, and leave with tadpole shaped brows with not a lot to say for themselves. Okay, this may be going a little too far but the moral of the story is, until I pluck up the courage, nobody shall be preening them but me. For now, Tweezerman tweezers are my trusty companions; they are ridiculously precise and easy to use, with a slanted tip to help get right to the root. What’s more, they’ll stay with you for life (or thereabouts). Next up, my spoolie has become a substantial member of my little eyebrow preening kit. I bought mine for one single pound from Tiger and it has been serving me darn well. A clean spoolie lends a helping hand in brushing through the brows to make sure all the hairs are going in the right direction nice and neatly, but also to work in any product after application to give a more even and natural look.

I must say I am not religiously attached to one particular product at the moment. I vary between eyeshadow in pressed powder form, an eyebrow pencil and a waxy trio. I have a love-hate love affair with eyeshadow as I always struggle to get the perfect shade, but adore the effect it gives; ‘Concrete’ (pan eyeshadow on the right) and ‘Handwritten’ (pan eyeshadow on the left) by MAC tend to be my choices although both have their flaws. Both are matte variations of brown although ‘Concrete’ can have the tendency to look a little grey and ‘Handwritten’ to look a little red (ridiculously so according to the photograph). Nowadays I tend to only reach for them for that added bit of ‘oomph’ and definition. 

Laura Mercier is my number one pick for pencils, the soft, wax-like formula glides through the brows (light hand crucial!). My chosen shade? Warm brunette. When choosing a colour I find that when in doubt, choosing a shade matching or a bit lighter than your natural hair colour is the winner. Darker will only make you look stern and those brows a little aggressive (I’ve been there, trust me) whilst lighter will only emphasise the natural hairs and sit snuggly in those sparse areas you wish to fill. Whilst LM is keeping me content, she’s been sharpened to her last legs so Kevyn Aucoin, I hear ya calling..
When it comes to those lengthy days when I require something long lasting to keep my brows in tact the formula of Chanel’s ‘Le Sourcil De Chanel’ fits the bill. The brow trio has three shades of brown in a ‘highly concentrated mineral pigment’. The product is so densely packed in there that it feels almost like a wax. In this nifty little compact is a magnifying mirror, two applicators, one in brush form (doubling up as a spoolie) and a smaller one of densely packed bristles. Finally, Chanel does the honors of throwing in a mini pair of tweezers, for those on-the-go stragglers. One gripe I do have is the applicators; I find them so fiddly and pretty ineffective to use - take note House of Chanel Makeup (although AW12’s embellished brows make it difficult to stay mad, so may bygones be bygones).  Back to the product itself, the colour payoff is brilliant and I love the fact you can chop and change between the shades to create a mixture of hues perfect for your brows, adding more or less definition where desired.  The only thing I have my beady eye on now is the Anastasia brow gel as a final touch to keep them firmly in place.

Brows have been under the beauty spot light for quite some time now and I don’t see them budging anytime soon in terms of new and interesting ways to vamp them up. They have become a fashion accessory, a statement piece and a deciding factor of what’s on trend right now. From Lara Stone’s bleached brows to Cara Delevingne sporting a bushy (but perfectly neat) set, brows are all the rage and we cannot get enough of them. London Fashion Week saw Lisa Eldridge backcombing brows and make up artists alike embracing the ‘less is more’ brow movement of 2013.

In a nutshell, whilst TOWIE and Desperate Scousewives have obviously struck a chord for some of us out there, keep your eyes peeled and ready for ditching the heavy hand and embracing basic and immaculate eyebrow upkeep. 

However, if a bold brow is still tickling your pickle, think Taylor and Hepburn rather than Childs and Wright. 

*photos used above are my own

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