Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser

Today I thought I'd share a little nugget of joy I have recently discovered and am extremely happy with. Whilst being more than aware that the sun is in hibernation in the UK this summer and people are reaching for their warm coats and foundations to hide their weather beaten skin woes, I tried my cousins Lancome tinted moisturiser last week out of sheer curiosity and absolutely fell in love.. naturally, I set out to find my own. I have always been the type of person to steer clear of tinted moisturisers as I thought they were quite pricey and wouldn't suit my needs; feeling as though my skin was pretty rubbish and needed really good coverage to make it look anything close to flawless and lovely, foundations were my saviour. However, I've been sailing through a rather nice patch of good skin days and frankly I didn't fancy caking foundation onto my skin. On days when I fancy as little makeup as possible, when all i want is some colour, a glow and a lick of mascara, I really don't fancy reaching for my high coverage foundations.

After doing some research I came to the decision that I would try the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturiser in the shade Bisque; for £33 I was praying that it would live up to the reviews and it really did.

I tend to apply dots of the moisturiser all over my face and buff it into the skin using my real techniques buffing brush; the product blends so nicely and has enough coverage to even out my skin tone and give me a fresh glow. Laura Mercier tinted moisturisers are so brilliant because they have one original version, one oil free version and one 'illuminating' version and are certainly not limited when it comes to range of shades. Due to my skin being on the oily side, I went with the oil free. I'm extremely happy with how it lasts throughout the day, even after a 10 hour shift at work it didn't patch or wear off and additionally has not been clogging up my pores the way foundations often do; so my skin has remained in a happy, relatively blemish free way.

I do tend to dust some matte, translucent powder down my T-zone to tone down the glowy-ness a smidge followed by MAC's Harmony blush to add a bit of warmth and finally, brush some MAC espresso through my eyebrows and add some L'Oreal millionise lashes mascara.

I think it's fair award this the status of my product of the month. I do still reach for my foundations for nights out, but for now I am really enjoying a more natural makeup look and it seems my skin is thanking me for it too!

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  1. oh you're welcome babe ;) the laura mercier one is lovely though and makes your skin so uncloggy plus they last ever such a long time xxxxxxxxxx