TLC: Jo Malone, Diptyque etc.

Moving houses in the past year has made my lifestyle have to be extraordinarily organised and planned; quick trips home are no more, a forgotten work apron cannot be accommodated & endless clean knickers are vital. Working and socialising in town means that I spend days at a time being a bit of a gypsy; packing for all occasions is seriously tricky, especially when said period of time includes work, socialising, clubbing and the gym at least twice. So, it's safe to say i'm a semi professional at this planning ahead, one-occasion-to-the-next stuff.

Needless to say, this does mean that when I eventually make it home I am armed with a huge bag of washing to be done, aching feet, and a sore back from lugging a big holdall around as my number 1 accessory. This evening I returned home for the first time in 8 days having worked around 35 hours, gone to (& gone clubbing in) london and back, been prepared for the hottest days, the wettest days and the lazy days. All that was needed was a good meal, a long bath, my own bed and a long sleep.

My muscles were destroyed and need soaking in (basic but brilliant) Waitrose essential chamomile and vanilla bubble bath. I never want anything too sweet smelling or floral smelling as baths should be calm, neutral and sensually pleasing in my books. This means brands such as Soap & Glory just don't tickle my pickle in this department. As a special treat, because she knew I needed some luxury in my life, mum lit her Diptyque candle in figuier, sprinkled the bath with Jo Malone lime & mandarine bath oils and some brand new slippers...
Also chucked in there is the liz earle eye and lip treatment which relieved my dry and sleep deprived eyes - so light weight and smelling so fresh this product is such a simple treat to my peepers.

Continuing on in the pamper session i found myself indulging in, i slathered on some Miss Dior body cream; a slight upgrade from the day to day moisturiser. The smell of this is timeless but also really subtle because it's less concentrated that if I were to spray the perfume directly onto my skin; just a continual, light scent. Finally, my work beaten feet had a bit of TLC as i sorted out my nails, painted them with Chanel's Pêche Nacherée (a beautiful, sheer, peachy pink) and coated my feet in Soap & Glory Heel Genius followed by slipping on some cotton socks to let them soak it up overnight.

I know what you're thinking.. "what a glorious evening" & yes, comrades, yes it has been.. and now to bed.

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