Life through Instagram #1

1. First night out reunited as triplets.  2. A delicious salad I made myself by roasted veggies & sprinkling with feta. Recipe found here! 3/4/5/6. Partying in Brighton.  7. Devastation at hitting pan on my NARS Laguna bronzer, to be popped onto my shopping list!  8. First night in the new Brighton house and cupboards bare.. calls for biscuits with spread and wine for dinner, not bad at all.  9. View from my bed in Brighton, mum's beautiful flowers, my MacBook Pro and a Cath Kidston cake stand used for jewelerry. I love that from my room you can see trains whizzing by.. 10. Primo Prosecco cracked open for my final night at home before the move up to Brighton, a glass of this is the way to my heart.  11. The trip up to Brighton in a van with dad, bed on board we meant business.  12. Last night out before everyone flitted off back to university. I love this picture because of how happy I look. 13. The girls ready for final night out before departing our beloved Portsmouth once more.  14. Dinner at Goodwood Health Club, ooh la la. Bread sticks with beetroot, aubergine and original hummous. Delish!  15. Hangover cure at the Belle Isle in Southsea with my man, we shared the best Onion Rings in the entire world whilst I chose Paella and he went for Jerk Chicken Curry.  16. Fran and I in Evoke, Essex for Lucy's 20th birthday.



  1. what does RKEC stand for?? love all these pictures, especially the beaut view from your bedroom!! xxxxx

  2. my initials! i can't think of a decent name so until it hits me in a fleeting moment of genius, it's gonna be my initials!