Neal's Yard Seaweed Shampoo: A Review

Luxury goods make me weak at the knees; it's a fact. It's no surprise that when this Neal's Yard Seaweed Shampoo was up for grabs at home, I snapped it up. The packaging just screams simplistic luxury; when using their products I just feel expensive, there's not really any other way of saying it. The shampoo claims to be mineral-enriched, aiming to give shine and condition the hair, so needless to say I was quite excited to give it a whirl as my hair care regime is pretty boring so it was a welcome addition. 

The smell was certainly organic but I'm not sure if it was the kind of aroma I wanted compared to that of Aussie and other delicious smelling products. I can say the product does exactly what it says on the tin; my hair looked as though it had been given a real boost and had considerably more shine. 

The only major downside to the product, which sadly is enough to put me off using it again, is that it made my scalp seriously itchy. My parents warned me of this, saying this was the reason they no longer used it and it is such a shame. For such an expensive product, with natural ingredients and living up to it's promise, I was gutted that my scalp reacted so badly to it as I desperately wanted to love it! Perhaps this is a weird scalp fiasco that my family and I have with Neal's Yard but it's just not ringing our bells...

Have you tried this product? Are there any Neal's Yard hair products worth trying?

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