Louise, I apologise for volatile and sparse blogging.. I am now settled into my house in Brighton, desperately grappling at any ounce of internet I can get my hands on so it may be a bit touch and go for a week.

I decided to throw myself back onto the band wagon slowly but surely; beginning with sharing my thoughts on a handful of products that i have been loving recently and which have been the lucky select few to have been chosen for everyday use.

Kicking off the cluster of products is the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser (shade Bisque) I have previously ranted and raved about. Throughout summer it gave me the coverage and freshness that I was after in my base makeup. I resented plastering a heavy foundation onto my skin as I found in hotter climates (when they briefly occurred) it became a hassle and ended up looking pretty shoddy; needing touching up too frequently for a lazy lady such as myself. I won't go on too much as you can read my previous post about this product but what I will say is that I have been using this on an everyday basis; using foundation only on nights out. It provides enough coverage to even out my skin tone but is light enough to let my freckles come through, of course an added bonus is that it has spf 20 meaning on holiday I could stay protected without the oily-ness of sun cream and the heaviness of makeup.

Next up is a latest purchase, Collection2000 Lasting Perfection (Medium 3) concealer. Previously I had been addicted to MAC studio sculpt concealer but recently found it too drying and didn't last as long as I'd like, so after seeing a billion beauty bloggers rave about Lasting Perfection I took the plunge. It sounds grand but shocked me at £4.99.. couldn't possibly complain really. The creamy texture of this product means it gives beneath my eyes the hydration it was in dire need of. Coverage is excellent but not too cakey; I tend to take out the wand and dab some onto (clean) fingers, just to avoid spreading spots across my face. As the name suggests, this lasts pretty much all day for me - totally fuss-free!

My eyebrows are also nothing new at present, Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil in Soft Brunette is what I have been brushing lightly through my brows everyday. Rather than using the very point of the pencil, I brush the pencil on an angle through my brows, I find this gives me more control in terms of how dark/light I want them to be.

My ultimate product of the month is NARS Laguna bronzer. This product is perfect for dusting all over my face if I want just some more colour, or to be used for contouring for a night out. It is so suitable for both because it has next to no sparkle or shimmer in it and the pay off is a beautiful tan not essex orange. I have sadly hit pan with this product (weep!) so a new one is on the cards shortly, I have a feeling this will be a staple in my makeup bag for many years to come. I defy you to find me a better bronzer!

Another absolute miracle item that has recently entered my life is MAC's satin finish lipstick 'Brave'. This was a pretty spontaneous buy which has proved to be an all time favourite. The colour gives a 'your lips but better' look; not too full on but warm enough to add a pop of colour to your face. The satin finish is also brilliant, my lips are moisturised but the colour lasts like a matte finish; another product I can see becoming an essential for a long while to come.

Moving onto eyes I prefer to keep things extremely simple. I curl my lashes with Shu Uemura curlers (once they enter your life, you never look back) and L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes. This mascara works really well for me, whilst lengthening my lashes, it plumps them up the right amount leaving me looking bright eyed and bushy tailed for the day ahead. If I'm feeling wild or have more time I use Maybelline's gel eyeliner for tiny wings. This gel liner is seriously long lasting and doesn't dry up as I've heard MAC's black tracks does. At a drug store price of £6 it was such a brilliant buy.

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