Top 3 Bronzers

Searching for the perfect bronzer seems to be a primary source of frustration for every woman. The fear is, for me anyhow, that when aiming to look like a bronzed, glowing goddess, the unexpected and unwelcome result is resemblant of a Dulux colour chart for orange. 

So, having finally found myself three bronzers that serve different purposes but serve me incredibly well, I thought it was about time to marvel them and congratulate them for being loyal and fail-safe companions. 

Kicking off the cluster of little gems is St Tropez Bronzing Rocks; given to me as a gift for my birthday this year. I’d heard nothing in the way of praise for this product which was intriguing and having been told they were limited edition and selling out at a rate of knots (I’m told I got the very last in Portsmouth... win!) I was really excited to see what it had in store for me. 
The idea of individual ‘rocks’ is brilliant as they can be used as an eyeshadow or even very sparingly as a highlight along the cheekbones. I use this product predominantly when I am my most tanned; the product does have a lot of shimmer, but in no way gives a tacky effect. The shimmer in it is really complimentary and the colour itself is the reliable tan that St Tropez promises. I used this every evening on holiday, dusted across my face, giving added warmth and ‘oomph’ to my skin. 
When it comes to contouring my face I rely on MAC’s Harmony. Whilst this is classified as a Powder Blush online, the colour is perfect for contouring, it certainly is more pink-toned than my other picks but it seems to work well with my skin tone for this function. The matte finish means I can contour without any flecks of shimmer or sparkle counteracting the desired effect. In the ‘3’ motion, I pop Harmony under my cheekbones, along my jaw line and slightly down my neck and then a small amount at my temples, slightly towards my forehead. Occasionally, especially for nights out when I’m going the whole hog, I’ll place a tiny amount on either sides of the bridge of my nose. Essentially, all areas that shadow would be cast upon is where I apply this. 
Finally, NARS Laguna bronzer is a product I will rant and rave about until the cows come home. I use this for all functions, either to give warmth and colour to all areas of my face on a drab day when my skin needs a lift, or for contouring. The very slight shimmer does not appear when applied to the skin and the colour is absolutely perfect for giving an all over tanned and glowing look as it doesn’t lean towards the pink or orange side; just a lovely, earthy brown.
(Apologies for diminishing product, I suppose this just emphasises how much I reach for it!)

Which bronzers also stand out from the pack for you? Any great finds or huge disappointments? 



  1. Those St Tropez rocks look incredible I really want it now!! I use MAC mineralize skinfinish as a highlighter cuz it's just the perfect amount of sparkly for during the day.. and it looks like a real mineral - it's so pretty! Xxx

  2. These look lovely!
    But I can never find the right kind of bronzer for my skin tone! :-(

    Jackie from GlitterandScissors...