Life through Instagram #2

1. SpaceNK 'essentials' - my NARS Laguna bronzer was almost dead & I couldn't be without?! Laura Mercier Silk Créme foundation; review to follow in the next week.  2. My new obsession; Starbucks classic hot choccie with cream AND caramel mmm winter. 3. Ultimate organisation of my cupboards, the cheapest thrill but made my week (sad?)  4. Lucy & I at Life on Monday  5. Homemade smoothie (2 bananas, 1 nectarine, natural yoghurt, a small amount of milk and ice blended up)  6/7. Pals at the Lectern Friday night.  8. Grandma's flu-fighting soup (Mushrooms, sweet potato, green chilli, red onion, ginger, garlic, veggie stock, should have goji berries in but i couldn't find them :( ) sorted me out a treat this week.  9. Walked on the wild side & tried a maxi in chilly weather (top H&M, skirt New Look)  10. Open top bus took us to uni! Definitely woke me up & made me a tad wind swept for my lecture.  11. Autumn is here.  12/13/14. The girls and I before a night out in Brighton.  15. OOTE: black peplum top; Topshop, khaki 'leigh' skinny jeans; Topshop, necklace; Primark, heeled boots; New Look.  16. Mish mash salad (mixed leaves, spinach, courgette, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, garlic, topped with crumbled feta.)

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