Life Through Instagram #3

1. Today is Sneaker Tuesday  2. Monday lectures cancelled - surprise day off? Thanks, life!  3. New Big Thing... Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, bought on Sunday after running out of cleanser & wanting a change.. review to come..  4/5. The morning after the night before, full english in the sun.  6. The night Perdi & Crin came to visit me, miss them so much!  7. Salmon with pesto, crushed potatoes, spinach and peas mmm...  8. Sunset in Brighton after the most miserable day known to man.  9. Chicken breast stuffed with goats cheese & pesto, wrapped in bacon and baked with newies and peas.  10. Journey back from Plymouth watching Top Gun, my favourite film of all time.  11. Me & Jon snuggled for movie night in Plymouth.  12. Jon at the Glassblowing House in Plymouth for Sunday lunch. Olives & garlic bread mmm.  13. Jon & the Plymouth seafront  14. Fish & chips and scampi & chips with curry sauce and tartare sauce for two on the beach.  14. Plymouth lighthouse.  15. FRESH Laguna, relieved and loving life. NARS products look so perfect when they're new..


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  3. mmmm love a good chippy!xx