Highlighter: A Revolution

Always and forever a dangerous realm of the makeup world for me; the highlighter. Never an established, permanent resident in my makeup collection, it's fair to say I've always shied away from the product responsible for making your cheekbones 'pop' and giving you a healthy, hollywood glow; this is what is promised on the tin, anyway. After several failed attempts and playing around with products belonging to friends I decided to take the plunge and have my wicked way with it.

Purchasing my highlighter came as a bit of a spontaneous decision; browsing Topshop makeup counter I noticed their powder highlighters in the shades 'Crescent Moon' (pink toned) and 'Sunbeam' (yellow toned) both had a fair amount of shimmer but were so beautiful I went for it. 'Crescent Moon' was my choice so made my way to the counter and purchased it for £10. 

Blessed with Sod's law I had accidently picked up 'Sunbeam' - this was not going well.

All the same, I decided to give it a whirl and for once thanked my thoughtlessness for not checking which product I was buying. 'Sunbeam' is the most gorgeous, golden shade which, when used sparingly across the tops of the cheekbones and through the brow bone gives an instant radiance and warmth to the complexion, it compliments NARS Laguna beautifully and has proved to be my 'pick me up' product this month.

Congratulations, Topshop, you have swayed me to the wonderful ways of the highlighter.


  1. I have this too and had to learn to use it very lightly! The first time I used it I ended up like a glitter ball, but now I absolutely love this for a lovely glow xxx

  2. this is a dream product! perfect for creating the photo finish, i was totally swayed too! xx

    1. It definitely is kelly! Amazing with a tan too so this snow needs to push off! X