Silk Skin

Colder days means a foundation change up in my books. The sad realisation that the natural tan has faded, freckles are no more, and a warm glow must be forced.. On a life long quest to find the perfect foundation, I'm always eager to try out as many as I can get my mitts on.

I like my foundation to be medium coverage, light, and as long wearing as possible. I steer clear of foundations that tend to cake on my skin and feel tacky to touch after applying. During summer, aside from my Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturiser obsession, I opted for Chanel's Vitalumiére Aqua or Rimmel's 'Wake Me Up' foundation as they were very light and could be built up or used sparingly depending on the coverage I was after. However, for winter I was after a foundation that gave me a flawless appearance without being heavy; impossible? I thought so.

I went into SpaceNK with two in mind: NARS Sheer Glow and Laura Mercier Silk Crème foundation. I had read that Sheer Glow was not as sheer or as 'glowy' as the name entailed, in fact it boasts good coverage and a beautiful luminous appearance. Laura Mercier Silk crème was a more recent entry but I was seriously intrigued after seeing some pretty flawless faces, such as Kate's (from and hearing Tanya Burr describe it as her new "holy grail foundation" - sounding slightly biased already, perhaps?!

Surprisingly, I jumped onto that band wagon and purchased Laura Mercier Silk crème foundation in Beige Ivory. At £33 for a 35ml product, it had to be a winner, else I'd forever resent my sheep-like decision. Price and quantity aside, I can safely say this is the best foundation I have ever tried. Bold statement? Maybe, but it is that good. A five pence piece sized amount is all that is needed for the entire face; I buff it into the skin using Real Techniques' Buffing brush and the result is absolutely flawless. For a night out I dab loose powder through my T-zone for longevity but for daytime, the slight glow adds to its natural pay off and leaves my skin looking healthy; blemishes banished for the day.

Laura Mercier is quickly becoming a firm favourite for me; the products, like the brand, are clean, fresh and really embody the 'less is more' notion that I find myself more attracted to by the day.


  1. Great review & I'm sold on the foundation!
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  3. Looks great!
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